Hello and welcome.

(sleepy eyes as always)

I am originally from Indonesia but has been living in different part of the world and has been fortunate enough to meet a lot of people along the road who inspired me! I’ve lived in Indonesia, Singapore, New Zealand and currently living in Melbourne, Australia.

I studied graphic design back in University but never wanted to be a graphic designer full time. So I learned marketing, sales, photography, and makeup artistry! Photography was part of my design studies but I took a lot of interest in it and here I am still learning how to craft the skills.

I learned Makeup Artistry professionally in Australia and I am a certified makeup artist. I have been doing makeup since 2009 and have been exposed to different types of makeup application and worked with a lot of talented fashion photographers and models! Loved every minute of it but I’d like to get behind the camera lens and be able to capture my own creations as well 🙂

I will try my best to keep this site/blog active but I know it’s not going to be easy! Kudos to bloggers out there who do this for a living. It’s not easy to put the various experiences into words! Anyway, I hope you enjoy what I’ve put on here as they are always written with lots of love.

I am currently based in Australia but willing to travel for projects!